Mr Fog Switch 5500 Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice

All-in-one system
Up to 5500 Puffs
15ml E-Liquid Capacity
650mAH Rechargeable Battery
USB Type-C charging port
Adjustable airflow
Draw Activation
Anti-Leak Design


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Original price was: $179.99.Current price is: $139.99.

Mr Fog Switch 5500 Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice

Vaping has become increasingly popular among individuals looking for an alternative to traditional smoking. With the wide variety of e-cigarette options available, it can be challenging to find a device that delivers both flavor and performance. However, the Mr Fog Switch 5500 Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice stands out as a top choice for vapers seeking a refreshing and satisfying experience.

Embark on a frost-kissed adventure with Mr Fog Switch 5500 Kiwi Watermelon Acai Ice, a mesmerizing concoction that combines the crispness of kiwi and watermelon with the exotic allure of acai, all finished with a tantalizing ice-cool exhale.

Prepare your senses for a symphony of flavors as the tartness of ripe kiwi intertwines with the juicy sweetness of watermelon, creating a refreshing burst of fruity delight with every inhale. But the journey doesn’t stop there – the addition of acai introduces a rich and exotic twist, adding depth and complexity to the ensemble.

As you exhale, a wave of icy coolness washes over you, courtesy of the invigorating ice finish that leaves a satisfyingly crisp sensation on your palate. It’s like taking a sip of a chilled fruit cocktail on a hot summer day, with each puff delivering a revitalizing burst of flavor that leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Indulge in the cool, fruity goodness , experience the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, and icy freshness in every vape. It’s a flavor journey you won’t soon forget.

  • Up tp 5500 puffs
  • 650mah battery
  • Rechargeable (USB-C)
  • 15ml of e-liquid
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine
  • Innovative Adjustable Airflow
  • Small and Portable
  • Draw Activated
  • Anti-Leak Design
  • Mesh Coil for great flavour

1 Pack, 10 Packs


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